Help cleaning beautiful temples and protected area

This project is focused on Environment and Education.


• This workcamp aims to increase the awareness of the visitors about taking care of environment around and on the temples, empower the local people, and educate the teenagers about the reproductive health. Work Camp volunteers will have some work as follow:

• Changing behavior activities of the visitors toward their environment

• Organizing educative games for local children

• School visits or universities.

• Also physical work such as campaign, cleaning the temples, teenagers mediation and mentoring, etc.


• To create fun –educative (non formal approach) activities for children.

• To motivate the community (especially teenagers in the area).

• To strengthen international friendship among countries through NGOs.

• To deepen and to promote mutual understanding between Indonesian and foreign volunteers.

• To exchange the vision of each country’s living aspects, including education, culture, and way of life, especially which concerns to education and children.

• To spread out the idea of voluntary service and international work camp among the local people.

We'd like to share with you: 1. Eternal friendship with locals  2. Intercultural Learning  3. Find a natural life  4. Children nearby the campsite  5. Wonderful family  6. Funny words  7. Funny games and energizers  8. Sun burnt :( 9. Mosquito bites :( 10. Free day 
Languages spoken:
Materials Needed: Cameras for filming our project // Balls for playing football with kids
Volunteering conditions : We are always looking for volunteers. We will happily offer you accommodation if you wish to participate.
Listing created Aug 6, 2018