FEM - Afro Indigenous Community - CARTAGENA (Colombia)

Our mission is to build bridges for the creation of win-win scenarios that will improve the lives of afro-descendants and indigenous people.

Our projects aims five different dimensions:

- Governance: Competencies for self-government

- Habitat: Relationship between people's life and the environment

- Heritage: Self-recognition and appreciation of one's culture - Entrepreneurship: Economic sustainability (TRAKTI)

- Ubuntu: Ability to create a shared vision and work for it

We like to share with you: We would love you to stay at our volunteering hostel, show you around, participate in activities with local communities
Material needed: If would be amazing if you could help us with: - 10 Headlights - 10 Raincoats (XXL and XL size) - 10 Reflective vests - 10 Rope backpack bag - 4 Trekking sandals (one 38 size, two 39 size and one 40 size) - 4 Long but fresh hiking trousers (M, L, XL and XXL Size)
Listing created Dec 5, 2017