Information about Bagshare




Hi! I am Valerie a 30 (something..) years old french girl who was hit by the travel bug while studying in Mexico 10 years ago. Since then, I have been been wandering around the world, in far and not so far countries, from Australia to the United Kingdom.

What I learnt is that travelling is so much more than discovering some famous landmark, it’s all about experiences and interactions. It is about discovering – discovering someone else’s culture, either through art, food or fashion, while sharing a simple meal or stories.

Why this idea? 

There are 10 million NGOs around the world (yes, 10 millions), but you and me only know probably around 10 of those. So, the 9 999 990 NGOs left are experiencing a lack of visibility, subventions and donations. Therefore, many of them, which work is key for the community they are helping, can't have fully successful missions or could do a lot more. 

This is how came the idea of creating BAGSHARE, a platform based on the powerful travelling community. A platform where we could help each other, by donating and carrying items from one country to another.

 Bagshare is a useful tool to bring something that someone else needs, create connections and gives this extra piece of soul to your travels...

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes." Marcel Proust

Our Partners. 

We are very proud to work with incredible small NGOs, which are having a huge impact on their communities. They all have amazing stories and the founders are true local heroes! 

They are just waiting to share their stories with you, and are looking to make this encounter really unique. Get in touch with them NOW !!

FEM in Cartagena is helping afro and indigenous communities, Tiempo de Juego in Bogota is fighting against gangs affiliations via football or Kay Garnay in Nepal professionalise women and young people through computer class.