Information about Bagshare


Imagine a world... 

Imagine a world, ultra-connected and human at the same time. A world that uses innovation to bring people together by meeting, sharing and exchanging. A world that is always one click closer to create a new friendship, learn a new skill and share a new story.  A world where there is someone to welcome you at any airport around the globe, where frontiers are just a line on a map and people feel no more hate, racism or fear, because fear comes from the unknown. 

And yet we are about to uncover this world.

In 2017, a 30 year old Vietnamese, Ecuadorian and Londoner have more in common than between generations from the same country. The sharing economy is booming, people are valuing more and more experiences over material possessions which are now easily exchanged, rented, sold or given away. People feel possessions don't feed their soul anymore, don't fulfil their life and they are looking out there for a greater purpose. The new generation want to feel part of something bigger, they want to belong to this one, unique and beautiful world. And to do so they started to believe that everyone is trustworthy and worth discovering. 

And this is why I believe.

I believe that travellers are at the core essence of this phenomenon. Travellers are fearless, curious, optimistic about the future and start their journey with an open mind and an open heart. Travellers see the beauty of the world not only in a landscape or a sunset but in a story. Travellers will be the pioneers of this new world and we need them to share this vision and plant the seed into everyone's garden. 

And this is the world we will create.

A world where you can ask an unknown individual to bring you back something from one country to another, in the most natural way as possible, as if he was a relative. A world where no one will pack a suitcase without this little something for someone else. Just a little something but that will mean the world at the same time.