The Social Project

We are a Non Government Organization that uses arts and sports as a Non Formal Education tool to educate and facilitate youngsters into setting their own respective goals.

We were born late October, 2012 by a group of Dance Artists, Film Makers and Creative Facilitators who believed that liberated, strong and self centered individuals can form a unified and peaceful community.

We dedicate our time and skills to Create, Explore and Share methodologies that elevate and nature each individual in their uniqueness, promoting the personal development and well-being of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our mission is to facilitate a holistic education of an individual ,developing and reconnecting of the mind, body and soul.

We invite you to join our activities every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday where we do Creative Facilitation in schools and visit partner organizations for Arts and sports training.

You can also participate in activities such as Teaching a language of your Choice or Helping on Social Media, but the most important for is your desire to respectfully share with our community, our people will be eager to meet you! :)

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