The Social Project

We are a women's cooperative that use traditional Mayan techniques to produce beautiful and high quality products to offer a sustainable income to more than 400 women and their families.

We are organized into 17 groups of weavers, from five regions of the western highlands of Guatemala (Sololá, Huehuetenango, Sacatepéquez, Chimaltenango, Quetzaltenango and Quiché). The cooperative was formed in 1988 as a direct result of the devastating Guatemalan Civil War.

Our mission is to create sustainable jobs with fair wages for Guatemalan women, to enable them to support their families and communities honorably, and to preserve and develop Mayan cultural traditions through the continued practice of traditional weaving arts.

We do not only make beautiful handmade fabrics; we represent an ancestral tradition that is deeply connected with the Mayan culture. It is political, because it empowers the indigenous people in Guatemala who in no way are supported by the government.

In addition, it represents a change in the fashion industry: a movement, away from quickly produced items that are discarded after a short time. It presents textiles as an art where each item is closely related to the artisan who made it, her culture and the specific place where she lives.

We offer more than one product or service. A crucial word to describe the central element that connects all the different elements of our Cooperative is EDUCATION. Along with our textiles, we offer education about the Mayan culture, its calendar, the indigenous people and their struggle in Guatemala, all the elements that belong to our cooperative are connected and create a holistic brand.

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