The Social Project

We are an organization dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities through the development of low-cost objects that help them to live more easily with their limitations, improving their quality of life.

People with disabilities from the most remote regions of the country tell us about their problems and we invent objects to solve them, always using low-cost materials that are easy to find locally. This allows that in addition to solving their problem, it is easy for them to replicate the objects for other people with the same problems.

There are no patents that limit access because we make the objects ourselves, we have 300 inventions with step-by-step tutorial on social networks where 500,000 subscribers are already following us, reaching millions of people who learn to elaborate them for themselves or to help someone else elaborating them.

We have taught more than 500 face-to-face Training Workshops for Trainers with teachers, parents and community leaders who learn to replicate our inventions and we also carry out Awareness-raising Activities about Disability for the general population.

Every day we have cases like that of Mrs. Luz Marina that appears in the photos and who, after 30 years, was able to rewrite with a simple strap that we did in one of the workshops.

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