The Social Project

Our project is focused on providing our guests a space of relaxation, reflection and re-connection with the Self, through a space of respect for nature, conscious feeding and different alternative therapies.

However, it is not enough to contribute to those who visit us, we have a sense of social responsibility, because it is just right to return something to our beautiful surroundings and the community around us and this is when our Foundation is born.

We are located in the boundaries of the Tayrona National Natural Park, where there is a sector of the population with great needs.

Our goal is to give children a broader vision of what the world is and how we can all change what we do not like so much about it, not just working hand in hand with volunteers from different areas to make the context more bearable from which each child comes, but to provide them with tools that allow them to be trained as more aware people in all aspects of life, from the control and channeling of stress through meditation techniques, to changing their way of interacting with the environment.

We are very happy that you are interested in contributing to the community during your visit to Colombia.

In our project we have two types of participating:

For Bagsharers we have a 15% discount in accommodation for those who bring Sschool Supplies or things that they wish to share with our little neighbours: the Children of the School of Las Tinajas. If you want to spend time with the children, we organize a round trip to the school (100 meters from our place) to meet them and give them their gifts.

On the other hand, if your plan is to stay longer in the area, we offer helping in our Hostel to travelers who are looking for an accommodation exchange and food for work.

Here the details:

What are we looking for?

  • Friendly people, entertaining, good vibes, with charisma, with desire to learn, good service to the public.

  • English indispensable.

  • That they have immediate availability and minimum for 3 weeks.

  • Ordered in your room and meet rules of coexistence.

  • Arrive on time at your work hours.

  • Personal cleanliness

  • Each participant works 32 hours a week with one day off.

(For the Bagsharers, we dedicate 4 hours per week or more if you wish to share with the children leading a specific workshop)

What do we offer in return?

  • 2 meals (Breakfast and lunch)
  • Accommodation (cabins)
  • 10% of tourist packages sold to guests
  • Tips are divided between participants weekly
  • Refrigerator and stove available at a volunteer house

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