Tackle poverty with us in ASUNCIÓN (Paraguay)

We are a non-profit, self-sustaining organization, founded in 1985 and since then pioneers in microfinance, entrepreneurship and poverty elimination programs in Paraguay. Our social innovations such as the Self-Sufficient Agricultural School, the Entrepreneurial Education program and the Poverty Elimination Stoplight have won international awards and recognitions.

We have 28 offices distributed in Paraguay, an office in Tanzania (Africa) and an associated organization in London. We are composed of more than 400 employees, of whom 60% are women.

We develop an integrated strategy that implements practical, innovative and sustainable solutions for the elimination of poverty and the creation of a dignified environment for each family.

Items needed: - Small Musical Instruments (Flutes, Percussion, Pocket Harps, etc). - School Supplies. - Clothes for kids. - Painting for murals. - Small gardening tools (Hand Spades, Trowels, Cultivators,Transplanters, Shears, Pruners, Small Ground Rakes, Garden Gloves, Gardener's Aprons, Manual Weeders, Portable Hand Saws, Pruning Saws, small prinklers and hoses).
As a VISITOR we would like to share with you: As a VISITOR we want to invite you to get involved in activities with students of agricultural schools such as music classes, sports and farm work with animal and vegetable production. We also would like to introduce you to the Social Entrepreneurship Projects we support.
Want to VOLUNTEER mid or long term ? Here are the conditions :) : To be a VOLUNTEER with us you need to stay a minimun time of ONE MONTH during that tiñe you can also help with student welfare in activities such as sports, music, arts, English classes, develop new teaching and teaching materials, help students with their agricultural business projects, participate in the farm and orchard. If you have experience in teaching English classes or as ICT assistant, you qualities are specially welcomed.
Languages spoken:
If you are interested in our project please get in touch directly AT LEAST A WEEK BEFORE COMING with the foundation via the "CONTACT" link. : Hope to hear from you soon :)
Listing created Nov 9, 2018