Share with the Community of San Jerónimo - CUSCO (Perú)

We are an after-school program that operates Monday through Friday. We start preparing the meals and cleaning the halls for the arrival of the children at 3:00 PM. Upon arrival, the children wash their hands and faces to practice good hygiene habits. The teachers and volunteers help them with their homework and check their notebook to ensure they are reaching their goals and are progressing in school. All of the children participate in English language classes provided by native speaking volunteers. After completing their homework, the children are free to play until 5:00 PM, at which time we clean the classroom and tables in preparation for the food. Before departing for the evening, the children brush their teeth and receive hydrating cream for their skin (due to the severe cold at night and the strong sun during the day).

We call Friday a ‘day at the park’ because the children take a break from their schoolwork. On this day we play, run, shout, sing, do sports, and arts and crafts. For the children, this is a time to have fun and play with their peers.

We are located in the San Jerónimo district of Cusco, Peru. This neighborhood is situated half an hour from the city’s historic center. San Jerónimo is a community populated by migrants who were originally settled in the mountains. These families came to San Jerónimo in the hope for a better future, however their reality in the city remains difficult.

Once a month, we invite the children’s parents to talk about their school performance, difficult home situations, and we listen to their problems. We create dialogue about their child’s attitude and performance. Together we search for solutions and ways to support these families. During this time, we organize a workshop about nutrition, hygiene, good attitudes, and education.

Items needed: - Water Filters or Purifiers. - Tooth Brushes and Hygiene Products. - Winter clothes for children. - Nonperishable Food. - Educational games. - School Supplies: notebooks, colored pencils, markers, pens, scissors, glue etc. - Books for children and adults in English, French and Spanish. - Rubik's Cube (or any puzzles games). - Maps of Perú and the world. - Laptops. - Sexual Education Books in Spanish. - Football, Volleyball and Basketball balls.
As a VISITOR we would like to share with you: As a VISITOR we will love to show you around and tell you as much as possible about our project and our community of San Jerónimo for you to help us to promoting our cause and getting better conditions for our kids. Depending on your arrival dates we can go and pick you up at the airport if you request it, in this case we will ask you for a contribution with a special price as Bagsharer, bearing in mind the expenses that it represents for us.
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If you are interested in our project please get in touch directly AT LEAST A WEEK BEFORE COMING with the foundation via the "CONTACT" link. : Looking forward hearing from you ! :)
Listing created Nov 7, 2018