Meet theAMAZING World of Autistic Children BOGOTÁ(Colombia)

Our Foundation was conceived with the idea of helping families to assume this condition of life in a more bearable way, providing emotional, family, spiritual and medical support through allies, with whom we work as a team. Our greatest wish is that people with ASD have a life project.

Our mission is to assist families with autistic children whose income is too low for therapeutic, medical and psychological care and treatment.

Items needed: - Psychological tests (Ask us for more details). - Laptop. - Sensorial Items for working with children (Weplay Air Cushion, Pack Bundle Sensory Toys Set, Lycra snuggle swing and we can give you more details).
As a VISITOR we would like to share with you: As a VISITOR you can participate in Workshops with volunteers and families involved in our program and learn about the complex and Amazing world of our special little ones.
Languages spoken:
If you are interested in our project please get in touch directly AT LEAST A WEEK BEFORE COMING with the foundation via the "CONTACT" link. : Looking forward hearing from you ! :)
Listing created Mar 15, 2018