Association Fatima - Quetzaltenango (Guatemela)


Since 1988 Asociación Fatima has been helping families from various communities around San Juan Ostuncalco and Quetzaltenango in Guatemala. It has two main programs which is health and education. The association has a special focus on pregnancy, children malnutrition. Some workshops help women with the preparation of food with healthy menus.


Desde 1988 la Asociación Fátima esta apoyando a las familias en varias comunidades alrededor de San Juan Ostuncalco y Quetzaltenango en Guatemala. Cuenta con dos programas grandes que son salud y educación.

We'd like to share with you: Participate in events and activities with the association, meet different communities and discuss with leaders of those minorities
Languages spoken:
Materials Needed: Health equipment (generic medication/drug, care strips etc.), school supplies (books, notebooks, pencils, markers), toys (pearls kit, balls, painting etc.), children's clothing (any second hand clothing), feet hygiene products ex. socks for kids from 5 - 14 years old, nail clippers, small bath towels
Volunteering conditions : Please contact us for information on housing or food provided for time here if needed. Volunteers need to be self-sufficient in the country.
Listing created Feb 21, 2018