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    What if we could inspire our way of travelling the world? 

We are a generation of travellers who don’t want to experience tourism behind a bus window, stuck in an chain hotel and interacting only with tourists. 

We are a generation of travellers who value meeting the locals, exchanging and sharing to learn about one another’s culture and fulfilling ourselves. 

We are a generation of travellers who are conscious of our inequalities and willing to help local development of the communities that we visit. 

We are a generation of travellers experiencing another form of tourism - purposeful -  the one we call “ethical and social tourism”

Bagshare was created with that idea in mind, with a mission to spread responsible tourism as a norm, in order to raise awareness about minorities, tell their stories and promote their identities. 

We believe that a collective effort will lead to a reverse in the actual trend and that tomorrow’s impact of tourism will be positive ! Each and every one of us will leave the destination and population that we visited in a better state than before our arrival !

Our Team

Bagshare’s team consists of three very hardworking individuals with a passion for social impact.


      Valérie Demay                                  Inès Al Ardah                                         Daniel Rios Moreno

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