The Social Project

In 2010, a group of university friends, as part of their degree course in the University of Cusco, realized together a social work project in the community of Tankarpata. At the end of their studies, they decided to carry on the project because they have seen many problems caused by the social and economic injustice.

At the end of 2010, we created a civil association non-profit which objective is to help and contribute to the improvement of the development of the Tankarpata rural community, which is located just 20 min from the historic centre of Cusco. And yet, although near from one of the most popular city of Latin America, the reality for the people of Tankarpata is far away from the one gave to tourists.

Actually, the community has no drinking water or sewage system which affects especially family’s health. Moreover, sanitary and social conditions bring sometimes physical and psychological violence’s and alcoholism midst of the family. This leads to difficulties at school for many children.

We work with more than 80 children and their family in three different but complementary areas: education, health and community development. Children who come to the centre are between 4 and 16 years old, but many of the oldest have to take care of their little brothers or sisters. So it's usual too to take children under 4 years old.

When our adventure started in May 2010, we were doing our best with the little we had. Now, the NGO celebrates 8 years and thanks to the support of Peruvian and foreign people and the volunteers, we could grow up and offer a continual support to the children of Tankarpata.

Since December 2011, we gave a new dimension to the project; opening in Cusco town centre a hostel, where volunteers and travellers can have a 10% discount as Bagsharers as well as taking spanish lessons in our Spanish Scholl with the same disccount. This place creates a link between Cusco and Tankarpata and also between the volunteers and the people in the organization.

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