Kay Garnay for Nepal

We are in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Our village, Changunarayan, has the oldest Hindu temple still in use in Nepal. Our guesthouse sits at the edge of the village at the hilltop overlooking Kathmandu and a large swath of the Valley.

Our mission is to help the local people who have been adversely affected by the earthquakes and to make make the lives of the local people better via various projects. We've been working to uplift the economy and alleviating the poverty in the area after the earthquakes of 2015. Presently, we are helping the local farmers to get off chemicals and start organic farming.

Our organization has been lending a hand in several different sectors, such as planting trees, attending to the street dogs, sponsoring books and warm clothing drives and hosting computer classes.

We develop the skills of local people through our Training Center that will provide vocational skills. Two of our projects are providing young people Computer Science Training and helping women with our Women's Work Initiative where they are making woolen, knitted hats.

The proceeds will help to get these young people and women out of aluminum shelters and then to help the other people of the village who are still in shelters.

Our top priority is to return Changunaryan into a magnificent tourist site for both domestic and foreign tourists alike, that it has the potential to be.

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