The Social Project

We are a legally registered Beninese NGO stablished to inform and act on intercultural and environmental issues, promote popular and non-formal education and help reduce poverty.

Our project consists mainly on knowledge sharing among communities, meaning that anyone who has an specific know-how is welcome to share it with local communities.

Moreover, as we are in touch with local communities in need, every help is well received. We try to base our project on education, but sometimes even the places where these people come to learn are not in good conditions; so the goal is also to "help as you can" ! from donating books to help building the library to put them in. Everyone is welcome to add his grain of sand to people in need.

We work in topics as health, education, preservation of the environment, social assistance to the population, construction, reintegration of young people through training and practice, and the renovation of community infrastructure; more generally, capacity building.

We have a team of permanent members from several nationalities (Italy, Benin, France, Venezuela) who have been trained in these various areas of intervention and meet the needs of each sector.

Our activities are developed in the 10th district of Cotonou, specifically in the Zogbo district where our headquarters are located.

The idea is to welcome volunteers and trainees and allow them to live the environment and the real life conditions of the inhabitants of the economic capital of Benin. Far from the usual clichés about Africa and closer to a more complex social reality.

The district of Zogbo is a popular neighborhood located on the shores of Lake Nokoué which crosses the city of Cotonou. A contrasted neighborhood between modernity and tradition, between urbanization and rural lifestyle, between a certain ease and extreme poverty. A dynamic neighborhood where the need for social intervention is useful and necessary.

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