The Social Project

We are an organization that emerged thanks to the joint work of volunteers, community leaders, academia and donors. We have achieved the development of projects that positively impact communities through social innovation.

We were born in 2012 as a student's initiative in Cali in order to propose projects aimed at improving the quality of life specifically in vulnerable communities.

Currently, we work as an independent Foundation and our Mission is to generate community processes that dignify the habitat and lives of Refugees displaced by violence.

To reach our Mission we have have 3 projects for you to participate:

  1. Closer to the World: educating children from a cultural perspective of your country of origin, but from their language.

  2. Store: Collecting clothes, toys, shoes and accessories for family use (sheets, blankets, wardrobes, etc), and sell them in the community with participation of volunteers for a symbolic price, to support the other projects.

  3. Feeding for peace: We nourish the soul and body of more than 700 people in community restaurants from Monday to Friday.

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