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Our Educational Center organization was founded in 2013 and was fully registered in the Ministry of Interior in March, 2018.
The founder felt that it was necessary to help the kids in Sandek Commune due to the lack of education in that area. The education is not as valued by the parents there. Children are asked to work in the farm along with their parents as young as 8 year old. There is no quality education (English) and the parents can’t afford to pay for private schooling, especially with English and computer courses. The founder values education highly because with his education by the time he was twenty he made it out of his village Sandek to live in Srah Pring pagoda. He was introduced to the English language when he was 14 years old. He was intrigued by the English language and wanted to be an English teacher and interpreter. He knew English is a very important language to learn as everyone is learning it globally. He also feels that it is a resource when travelling around the world, job seeking, meeting new people, and to make a lot of money and have a very successful and happy life. These life experiences changed his life and his mission is to help children achieves a better life and brighter future.

About us

We are a non-profit organization providing quality training courses and life skills to rural village children instructed by volunteers (skill and un-skill) and staffs that we provide stipends in dollar amounts to which was donated by our friends and supporters. For those who are interested in teaching or financial donation are greatly appreciated. It is located in Sandek Commune, Batheay district, Kampong Cham (80KM) Province and the main city in Cambodia.
Our educational center wants to see the rural children gets broad education and especially, languages and other skills that they will become the brightest human resource in society and improve the living standard, and with justice stability for all and moreover, make sure that everybody can have education.

Our mission is to provide quality language education and teach life skills by providing the most qualifying instructors that care about children and their family’s wellbeing.

Our main goals are:
• Helping children and young people who face with getting educations and skills for handling to their core value of living life;
• Build and develop human resources, languages, and cultures to achieve in careers;
• Joins the humanitarian and social works;
• Joins and works as a partner with other national and international institutions or NGOs in educational or other human resource development fields.

We help children developing their education through classes in English classes, basic computer, traditional musical instrument (Chapey Dang Veng), sports and cultural exchange in the village. Here our local teachers and volunteers are unable to comply with the national curriculum but they give children basic English.

Our volunteers are teaching English for around 450 children aged 7-17 years old every day. Each children get one hour a day for their English class and the schedule for our volunteer from 6am to 6pm and each of them can choose for teaching 2 or 3 hours a day from these schedule. The children greatly benefit from our program and effort. Our volunteers and as well as their families, which promotes interaction, social behavior, respect and personal development.

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