The Social Project

We are an Association formed in 1988, in accordance with the government and legal representatives. The Catholic Church started the organization to help children and their families who lacked economic resources.

In 1993 the Asociación separated from the church and began to generate funds with other organizations, to become self-sustainable. The majority of funds were obtained through sponsored subsidies from ChildFund Guatemala. Between 1990 and 2004, the Asociación experienced its highest numbers in both personnel and aid.

It established a connection with the organization Share of Guatemala, which provided oil, corn, wheat and flour to those in need. We also created a School of Primary Education for affiliated children, a medical and dental clinic, and a pharmacy that distributed medicine donated by a rural government program.

The Asociación now owns its own building, which has basic water, electrical energy, and an effective drainage system amongst other things. Through written agreement with the Universidity, the dental clinic functions with the help of student dentists.

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