Meet local communities while you travel

Bring a gift to help one of our 50 amazing local partners in 10 countries and discover a country from the inside

How Bagshare works

Travelling soon? Give your trip a purpose

1. Enter your next trip location in the search bar. Leave a message in "Contact us" (footer) if you can't find any.

2. Browse all our amazing partners and discover their missions and material needs.

3. Get in touch directly with the Project, please sign up first.

Tip: It will link you to a private not instant messaging. You’ll understand once you’ll be in the Amazonian forest ;)

Collect items before or during your travel.

1. Discuss with the NGO via our private messaging about your travel dates and collect.

2. Collect your items! Either before (new or second hand) or during your travel if the items are easy to buy on the spot.

3. Share a space in your bag to take the items with you.

Tip: Share the NGO's post to your facebook page. It's a useful collecting tool !

Live an authentic cultural experience

1. Stop at the NGO during your travel and give away your collect.

2. Spend some time and learn about the founder's stories, share an afternoon activity or a meal.

3. Keep in touch and spread the word about their missions once you are back home.

Tip: feel free to suggest activities too! a crêpes cooking class will delight the kids!

Social projects of the Month

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“It is a great opportunity to be useful but in an easy and accessible way”

Lucille, 22 years old, visiting a charity for kids in Bogota. Lucille brought school material.


“It is a great way to get to know an NGO before volunteering for a longer period. I met a wonderful afro-community that I would have never get to know otherwise.“

Mateo, 20 years old, visiting an afro-community in Carthagena. Mateo brought his skills and camera to help them gain visibility.


“What a great experience! Giving away things that others need. The visit is amazing, with only one bag I wasn't prepared to get so much in return“

Emilie, 24 years old, visiting a sport center keeping young boys out of the streets in Bogota. Emilie brought sports gear for kids and one football ball.


“Very simple to use ! You choose what you bring and you choose your time of visit“


Nadège, 24 years old, visiting a center helping kids via education in Santa Marta. Nadège brought notebooks, pencils and small toys.